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BGP Oman’s geophysical exhibition empowers Omani youth for the future

BGP Oil & Gas Services LLC has been operating in Oman since 2003, collaborating with major Oil & Gas companies, primarily focusing on seismic projects for Oil & Gas exploration.


On the 30th of October 2023, BGP Oman held an open day Geophysical Technical exhibition for students from Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat and the German University of Technologies. The exhibition took place at BGP Oman’s warehouse located near Adam city, coinciding with the celebration of Omani Youth Day during the same week.


This event underscores BGP’s ongoing commitment and efforts to support the development of Omani youth at the academic level. University teachers, researchers, and students were all invited to explore the various equipment and technologies employed by BGP in Oil & Gas Exploration. BGP provided transportation, refreshments, and lunch for all the students and faculty members attending the exhibition.


The purpose of this exhibition was to demonstrate the Geophysical methods used in exploring minerals and hydrocarbon reservoirs. The goal was to inspire students to acquire further knowledge to contribute to the Sultanate of Oman’s hydrocarbon exploration efforts.


The event venue was meticulously prepared by the BGP Oman team, who had been working on the arrangements for several weeks. Their aim was to provide comfortable seating arrangements, engaging presentations, live exhibitions, and demonstrations by the technical supervisors from BGP Oman’s Operations team, covering a broad spectrum of Geophysical operations.


The event was hosted by a young Omani working with BGP Oman as an onsite Geophysicist, followed by a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Induction for all participants. A video showcasing BGP’s Geophysical leadership, primarily in Seismic Acquisition, Processing, and related topics, was presented to all attendees. BGP Oman’s Operations Manager discussed Seismic crew operations and their sequences.


BGP Oman’s youth currently working in roles managing field Geophysical Operations presented topics during the event, such as “HSE Role in BGP Seismic Crew,” “Seismic Survey Operations,” and “Quality Control in BGP Seismic Crew.” Live demonstrations were also provided on Seismic Surveying, Layout of Geophysical Equipment, and the operations of Seismic Sources, including the Seismic Vibrator.


During the event, BGP showcased its Geophysical equipment, the backbone of Oil & Gas Exploration and crucial for Seismic operations. Students had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of this equipment and see its evolution from cable-based to cableless technology. The live equipment demonstrations aimed to inspire Omani innovation and encourage students to contribute to the challenging Geophysical field.


BGP Oman and both universities actively engaged in knowledge sharing, educational activities, and research endeavours, all with the shared goal of advancing the Geophysical field for a prosperous future.


University students received extensive practical information and explanations of geophysical methods with practical examples. Omani students from both universities actively participated in the event, attending lectures presented by BGP Omani staff working in the field. The feedback received from both students and faculty members was overwhelmingly positive.


This event also attracted a significant number of retired Omani employees who had worked with BGP for many years. They felt respected and engaged, taking the opportunity to interact with young students and motivate them to pursue careers in the Geophysical industry, predominantly operated by Omani staff.


The event was covered by the Oman TV media team, with interviews and feedback collected from the participants.