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Bidders invited to prequalify for PDO’s Manazil Project

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has invited contracting firms to prequalify for its tender for the implementation of the Manazil Project – a major initiative to provide improved accommodation and welfare facilities for company and contractual staff within its Block 6 concession.

The prequalification exercise is intended to ascertain the capabilities of the bidders in undertaking the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a series of PDO camps at interior locations within its concession.

According to PDO, the Manazil Project consists of two programmes, the first of which centres on the design and construction of four new camps at: Fahud, Marmul, Harweel and Amal, catering to around 900 staff. Programme 2 envisages the upgrade of seven existing PDO camps at: Lekhwair, Yibal, Saih Rawl, Nimr, Bahja, Qarn Alam and Rima, catering to around 1,200 staff.

The greenfield camps will be required to incorporate the following key elements: catering facilities, recreational areas with multi-use courts for football, cricket and other sports, swimming pool and gym, and community amenities such as supermarket, ATM and post office.

Interested bidders have until June 24, 2024 to submit their prequalification documents.

First unveiled in 2019, PDO’s Manazil Project was envisaged as a significant initiative to transform the management and standard of staff accommodation at interior sites in the company’s concession area. It centred on an integrated and fully outsourced accommodation strategy starting from 2024, with the aim to “develop facilities for over 30,000 people across 11 hubs and one satellite location”.

“Manazil project is the future accommodation solution, with the aim of transitioning from the current fragmented accommodation approach in the Interior to a fully integrated and standardised model,” a company report on the initiative explained.

“The main goal is to standardise accommodation and facilities across the concession area to create an optimum, healthy, pleasant, friendly and sustainable environment for all Interior PDO and contractor staff, providing nutritious food, improving sleep, offering recreation and promoting safety. The implementation of the project will ensure unified worker welfare standards across all accommodation facilities in the interior,” it added.