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Exhibition showcases expanding support for Omani wheat cultivation

In a bid to fortify Oman’s food security and empower local farmers, the ‘Goodness in Our Farm’ exhibition began at Oman Avenues Mall on November 16, 2023 under the auspices of Dr Saud bin Hamoud al Habsi, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.


The exhibition, organised by Oman Flour Mills (OFM), highlighted the strategic significance of Omani wheat crops, while seeking to illuminate the pivotal role played by both the Ministry and OFM in supporting and encouraging local farmers, particularly in the cultivation of wheat.


Dr Al Habsi lauded the efforts of Oman Flour Mills Company in fostering a conducive environment for Omani farmers. The focus was on the wheat purchase subsidy program, an initiative aimed at expanding the cultivation of local wheat crops.


Wheat, a cornerstone of Oman’s agricultural landscape, was also spotlighted for its role in the sustenance of local farmers. OFM, as part of its commitment, actively purchases various varieties of Omani wheat, reaching approximately 4,903 metric tonnes from farmers across Oman.


Haitham bin Mohammed al Fannah, CEO of Oman Flour Mills Company, emphasized the significance of the “Goodness in Our Farms” exhibition in acquainting consumers with the farmers’ efforts and the superior quality of the Omani wheat crop. He underlined OFM’s dedication to purchasing local wheat, developing its production, and launching it in both local and regional markets.


Al Fannah further detailed the company’s reception of around 160 consignments of Omani wheat crop, a tangible outcome of the wheat purchase subsidy program. This program, executed in collaboration with the Ministry, stands as a testament to the concerted efforts to stimulate wheat cultivation among local farmers.





Oman Daily Observer