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Investments in Raysut Industrial city reach R0 563 million

The number of investment projects in Raysut Industrial City reached 192 projects after adding 8 projects worth RO 84 million in 2023, bringing the total cumulative investment volume to RO 563 million.

Engineer Abdul Qadir bin Salem al Balushi, Director General of Raysut Industrial City, said in a statement to the Oman News Agency (ONA) that the investment projects in the city are distributed among industrial, service and commercial activities, as industrial projects occupy the largest area of them with 159 projects employing 4,156 workers, with an Omanisation rate of 38%. .

He pointed out that Raysut Industrial City signed an investment contract for a project to produce digital currencies on an area of 20,000 square metres for the first phase, with a foreign investment amounting to RO 80 million, in line with the government’s approach towards digital transformation.

Raysut Industrial City seeks to attract more investments to provide job opportunities for Omanis, indicating that the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) is working to raise the efficiency of services and infrastructure. Due to the increasing demand for investment in the industrial city to keep pace with growth and improve the business environment.

The stages of development of Raysut Industrial City included, in 2019, the development of the infrastructure for the second phase with an area of 1,141,948 square metres, with the development of the third phase of the city in 2021, which includes the establishment of the road network and basic services.

Al Balushi confirmed that Raysut Industrial City has been contributing to advancing industrial development in Dhofar Governorate for more than 30 years, by creating an appropriate investment environment, as there is a residential complex with integrated facilities to provide an ideal and modern environment for companies’ workers to reside in the industrial city, and a civil defense centre. It provides its services to companies and factories, following up on the implementation of security and safety procedures and responding quickly to emergency situations.

The strategic location of Raysut Industrial City is one of the factors that attract investment, due to its proximity to the port of Salalah and Salalah Airport, with import and export facilities, and the availability of flexible logistical services that contribute to enhancing the attraction of investment opportunities for the industrial city. This is in addition to the close distance between the industrial city and the Yemeni market, as well as with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via the Empty Quarter port.

The Masar service centre in the industrial city is one of the investor service centres available affiliated with Madayn, as the idea of these centres came to meet the needs of investors and facilitate the completion of licenses and necessary approvals. them with various investment-related entities.

Raysut Industrial City is one of the cities affiliated with Madayn, and was officially opened in 1992 on an area estimated at that time at 1.5 million square meters in the first phase, bringing the total area by the end of 2018 to 3.9 three million square metres.