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Nama Water Services to host Oman Water Week 2024

Nama Water Services, member of Nama Group, will host “Oman Water Week” in January 2024 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center in Muscat. The primary objective of this event is to establish a platform for extensive discussions on the water sector’s role in promoting sustainable development in the Sultanate of Oman. The 3-day event also aims to foster greater sustainability, flexibility, and efficiency within the sector.


Oman Water Week is an annual congregation of water experts, specialists, industry professionals, and government officials from both within and outside Oman. Through this initiative, Nama Water Services hopes to emphasize the critical need for sustainable solutions to address the challenges confronting Oman’s water sector. It also seeks to explore the latest technical advancements and strategies contributing to sustainable development.


The themes of Oman Water Week encompass a broad spectrum of water-related subjects, including the enhancement of sustainability, effective management of water resources, and technological innovations in the sector.


The inaugural day of the conference will focus on topics related to water policies and strategies in Oman, as well as economic aspects of water management. On the second day, the conference will delve into technical aspects, including the achievement of operational efficiency and sustainable technologies in the water sector, digital transformation, applications of artificial intelligence, and management and control systems.


The forum will address issues surrounding water resources management in Oman, highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by various communities. It will bring together experts and specialists from government and private institutions engaged in the water sector to exchange experiences and knowledge, all in the pursuit of sustainable solutions.


Oman Water Week will feature dialogue sessions, panel discussions, and an accompanying exhibition showcasing the latest solutions and innovations. Approximately 40 speakers from around the world are expected to participate, and the event anticipates the presence of 450 participants, including engineers, technicians, and water specialists.


Qais bin Saud al Zakwani, CEO of Nama Water Services, expressed that hosting “Oman Water Week” will provide an invaluable opportunity for water sector officials, experts, and specialists to share knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions that will shape the future of water management in Oman. He further emphasized that the event will serve as a platform for water professionals to stay updated on the latest advancements in water resources management, wastewater treatment, environmental services, and industrial water applications.


Ahmed bin Saeed al Harthy, CEO of Commercial Services for Nama Water Services, elaborated that the week will offer a comprehensive overview of topics spanning water production, transportation, distribution, wastewater treatment, industrial water, and environmental services. Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in water management.