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Nama Water Services unveils prepaid water metre service

In a landmark move for Oman’s water services sector, Nama Water Services unveiled a prepaid water metre service, a groundbreaking initiative in the water services sector for the GCC countries, and the first in the Middle East to utilise cutting-edge technology. The unveiling took place during a recent press conference held Grand Hormuz Hotel on Monday. Nama Water Services also showcased its new e-services accessible through a mobile app and e-portal.


Qais al Zakwani, CEO of Nama Water Services, highlighted the company’s dedication to improving customer service through the launch of new metres: “These metres, incorporating cutting-edge global technology, represent a significant advancement in the water sector. Rigorous testing ensured a smooth activation process and a positive subscriber experience for this service, which aligns with Nama Water Services’ commitment to continuous development and improved offerings within this vital industry.”


“To ensure a smooth rollout, the initial phase of the prepaid water metre service. This pilot provided valuable training for our staff in managing this new system and troubleshooting any potential issues. To enhance our approach, we drew upon valuable insights from thriving prepaid water initiatives implemented globally, which gives us great confidence in the service’s success within the Sultanate of Oman. We have plans to expand this initiative to encompass all governorates served by the company,” he added.


“We are confident that the implementation of the prepaid metre service will empower subscribers to manage their water consumption effectively,” explained Al Zakwani. “The metres will provide real-time usage data, allowing customers to monitor and control their water consumption. The prepaid system will also eliminate the issue of accumulating debt, particularly for commercial accounts and rental properties. Landlords can ensure tenants are responsible for their water usage, preventing unpaid bills.”


Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, prepaid water metres offer a smarter way to manage water consumption. These metres connect to the utility company’s subscriber system via satellite, transmitting hourly updates on key data points. This includes both the amount of water used and the remaining balance from your prepaid credit. For user convenience, the metre features a digital display for real-time data access.


Existing customers may request the change at no additional cost, while new connection requests will only incur standard connection fees. The prepaid metre system seamlessly integrates with the Nama Water Services mobile app and the company’s online portal. This allows customers to manage their prepaid metres entirely electronically, including requesting installation, replacing existing metres, checking remaining credit, monitoring water consumption, and even switching back to traditional billing if desired by changing the settings through the mobile App or the e-portal.


Subscribers may top up their prepaid water metres with amounts ranging from RO 5 (minimum) to RO 100 (maximum) for recreational accounts and from RO 10 to RO 500 for commercial accounts. The service automatically resumes upon recharge after a low balance disconnection. To ensure timely top-ups, the smart metre system sends SMS alerts to users approaching a low balance threshold, set at 3 cubic metres (approximately 660 gallons. Users can conveniently monitor their remaining credit and water usage either directly on the metre’s display or through the Nama Water Services app.





Oman Daily Observer