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Seminar calls for sustainable work patterns amid transition

In response to sweeping global economic shifts affecting labour relations, the General Federation of Oman Workers (GFOW) recently led a seminar on “Fair Transition and New Work Patterns.


Held under the auspices of Faisal bin Abdullah al Rawas, Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), the event delved into crucial topics aligning with Oman Vision 2040.


Various speakers explored the challenges stemming from the energy transition and measures safeguarding workers’ rights amid this shift.


The seminar featured two insightful presentations.


Dr Salem bin Hamed al Shuaili, Director of the Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Technologies, explored “The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Future of Work”.


Abdulmajeed al Amri Bouazza, international labour advisor and trainer, presented on “Fair Transition and Its Implications on Labour Markets.”


The seminar yielded crucial outcomes, highlighting the global significance of climate change and the need for comprehensive fair transition programs. It emphasised strategic investments in artificial intelligence, sustainable economies, and clean energy sources aligned with Oman Vision 2040.


The organisation of the event comes amid a noticeable surge in interest from government entities, private sector institutions, and civil society in climate policies and advanced technologies.


The adoption of International Labour Organization (ILO) guidelines underscored the importance of labour unions in shaping fair transition policies.


Considering these outcomes, the seminar proposed actionable recommendations. These included promoting social dialogue among stakeholders, encouraging private sector engagement in addressing climate challenges, and strengthening government involvement through strategic studies and technical training for workers.


The seminar also called for raising awareness among union members, integrating unions into national dialogues on sustainable development, providing training in emerging technologies, leveraging technology for an enhanced work environment, and enhancing the role of labour unions in addressing climate change challenges.


In essence, the seminar provided comprehensive insights and practical recommendations to navigate fair transitions and sustainable development in Oman’s evolving economic landscape.








Oman Daily Observer